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St. Gregory the Theologian | Bishop of Constantinople

He was born of pious parents in Cappadocia. He studied abroad, and in Athens, he met St. Basil, who became his intimate friend. After their studies together, they became fellow ascetics in the same monastery.

He was unwillingly ordained priest by his father, St. Gregory bishop of Nazianzus and later a bishop, in his stead, after the latter’s repose.

He is also considered the champion of Orthodoxy against the Arians. He was present at the Second Ecumenical Council which condemned Macedonius, the enemy of the Holy Spirit.

His profound theological writings, great orations, poems, and letters have earned him the title “Theologian.” He is particularly famed for the depth of his sermons on the Trinity. He also wrote an oration “On the Great Athanasius” and a funeral oration for St. Basil the Great.

One of the hymns composed on his behalf, states: “With your theologian’s speech, you destroyed the entangled webs of vain philosophers, while beautifying the whole Church with the robe of Orthodoxy woven in Heaven; and the Church, clothed in it, cries with us, your children: ‘O wise Gregory most glorious, rejoice, O Father, great theological mind.'”

In this icon, he is dressed in the full vestments of a bishop.

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05. May, 2010