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H.H. pope shenouda iii Press Release in regards to Jan25th 2011 revolution

Press Release

Non-official translation

Pope Shenouda III met the morning of Tuesday February 15, 2011, with a small group from the Holy Synod and the following information has been released:

The Coptic Church would like to congratulate the integrity of the Egyptian Youth of the 25th of January that has led Egypt in a strong, white revolution.  And sacrificed for Egypt many lives and shed the blood of the many martyrs from this nation, and whom were honored by the leaders and the Armed forces. All Egyptians also honored these martyrs, and we would like to pay our condolences to their families and relatives.

The Coptic Church would like to congratulate the Egyptian Army and it’s leaders on the issuing of the statements for the protection of Egypt domestically and internationally. And we stand by its decision in relieving the parliament, and for trying to replace the order.

And we believe that Egypt should be a civilian democratic country, and to have the ability to choose it’s members of the parliament through fair elections, and to be representative of all peoples of the Egypt.

And we stand behind Egypt in fighting poverty, corruption and unemployment and the resistance of mischief and damage. And in putting in place peace and safety and principles of equality between all people and national unity, and prosecuting all those who have broken the law.

The Coptic Church prays for our great nation of Egypt, which had a vast history and civilization. And we ask that our lord protect it and spread peace, safety, stability and blessings.

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15. Feb, 2011