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How to Fix App Error 200

1. Pull the battery and LEAVE IT OUT
2. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager
3. Click on Application Loader and choose Update Software
4. Connect your Blackberry with the battery still OUT
5. If prompted, enter your password/pin
6. If multiple OS’s are listed, choose the one with preferred next to it(if yo’re rememmber what caused your error remove them here, by highlight the app and click delete, leave uncheck)

7. Allow the update to run without the battery
8. When it says Waiting for initialization, it will attempt to reboot. At this point you will need to insert your battery or it will show the battery icon with the red line through it. If this icon shows, simply insert your battery and the phone will reboot again
9. Allow the software to continue the update

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22. Feb, 2011
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14. Dec, 2010